Oatcakes to Otago…

This book is absolutely fantastic, it follows the Crawford family from the defeat at the battle of Culloden in 1746, through the Highland Clearances, to the emigration to Dunedin in 1848.

The early settler families that came to Otago showed a level of courage rarely seen today – the adversity they encountered and determination they showed makes for an inspirational read.

Oatcakes of Otago

Learn about the history of Dunedin on one of our tours

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Green Roof for the Sinclair Wetlands

Green roofs have many benefits, especially in urban areas where they can improve storm-water management, regulate building temperatures and increase wildlife habitat. In remote areas, like the Sinclair Wetlands, they just look great and don’t impede on the surrounding vistas. 20140903_165840

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Taieri Gorge Railway and the Otago Peninsula Full Day Tour

3 O'clock StreamDeep Stream

Taieri Gorge Railway and the Otago Peninsula Tour – The Jewels of Otago

Back to Nature has launched a new product for the 2014-15 Cruise Ship season called the ‘Jewels of Otago’ – a full day tour that includes the Taieri Gorge Railway and the Otago Peninsula. 

“Every year, our clients tell us they were in two minds regarding how they would spend their day in Dunedin.    Many wanted to join the Taieri Gorge Railway trip but couldn’t resist our tours that concentrated on the Otago Peninsula so this year we’ve decided to combine both so visitors get the opportunity

For full details please follow this link – http://www.backtonaturetours.co.nz/dunedin-tours.html#taieri-gorge-railway

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Back to Nature Tours offers support to the Sinclair Wetlands

Back to Nature Tours offers support to the Sinclair Wetlands

The Sinclair Wetlands (Te Nohoaka o Tukiauau) is an internationally renowned wetland located 40 minutes drive south of Dunedin. The wetland links Lake Waihola and Waipori on the edge of the Taieri Plains and is home to over 60 species of birds. Back to Nature Tours will donate a minimum of 100 hours to this amazing swamp land, if you’d like to get involved contact Glen Riley – glen.c.riley@gmail.com from the Sinclair Wetlands or join us when we go out there!

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Moods of Dunedin

Moods of Dunedin

Kathy Pollak is a distinguished author and illustrator of children’s books who lives in Dunedin, Florida. On the 12th of December during a cruise around New Zealand Kathy became a Back to Nature legend when she took a photograph of Larnach Castle and then painted what she saw in Dunedin, New Zealand.. The painting is done with Colored Pencil and is 2 ¼ by 3 9/16 inches.

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Hold on…I thought this was a nature tour?

Hold on...I thought this was a nature tour?

Some back to nature legends take over the Duke of Wellington…The finest bar in central Dunedin…A pint of Best please.

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More Back to Nature Legends

More Back to Nature Legends

We’ve had a bit of a rough summer down south… the wind has been blowing from the south on a regular basis but even when views are restricted, hands cold and the short sleeve t-shirts left in the suitcase these Back to Nature legends take inspiration from NZ pioneers like Charlie Douglas –
‘“It’s no use tapping the glass, man. The barometer doesn’t affect the weather much on the Coast” .
The 19th century Scottish explorer born in Edinburgh, Scotland was referring to the west coast of the South Island but he could easily have been talking about the Otago Peninsula. After talking about this famous bushman/packman/surveyor we stopped at a local bookshop so a couple of our clients could purchase ‘Mr Explorer Douglas’ – a superior read for anyone that wants to gain an understanding of the wilderness of NZ.

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The art of flyfishing

The art of flyfishing

Some of us at back to nature tours are quite passionate about flyfishing, especially the owner Chris who tries to escape into the backcountry as often as possible! This private tour was arranged by Terri who’s husband is a master of flyfishing after 25 years of practice. Chris lead this tour and remained surprisingly professional throughout considering we know how he can get side tracked when he meets other flyfisherman. This picture seems fitting because a kingfisher can be seen in the background where it’s painted on the side of the boatshed – now that’s a master fisherman!

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Dunedin is home to some of the finest beaches in NZ

Dunedin is home to some of the finest beaches in NZ

You haven’t been to Dunedin until you’ve been on one of our beaches!

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We had to stop – there was a dental hygienist onboard!

We had to stop - there was a dental hygienist onboard!

A big thanks to Lori for bringing these fine people together:)

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